Team Building

Team building with a Pop Up Picnic

Team building that your colleagues will actually enjoy is no easy feat. Pop Up Picnic have taken care of this and combined delicious food in Sydney’s most picturesque locations with unique activities and entertainment. Start your occasion with some activities which range in both complexity and the required physical exertion. What better way to reward your team than with a first class food experience to finish things off.

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Activity options include;

Pony Hop Racers – a game that required participants to bounce on large inflatable ponies down a marked racecourse. Once the contestants set off the comedy quickly follows with the odd jockey bouncing off their horse as they race to the finish line. You can run heats of up to 8 racers and then a grand final to crown the ultimate jockey and thoroughbred. This activity is great around Melbourne Cup time to add an interactive element to the occasion.

Giant Games – Giant connect four, Jenga and noughts & crosses are a collection of games that will get the more strategic members of your workplace engaged and competing with each other. It’s important to have options for less physically active team members so that they can still feel engaged and participate in the team building day. As these games come close to completion you often see crowds of people gather around cheering each other on until a winner is found.

Classic Team Building games – This collection of all time favourites will take you back to school time sports days and carnivals. Tug of war, sack racing and giant egg and spoon races combine both team games and individual games which require numerous skill sets to compete. Egg and spoon relies on hand eye coordination skills while tug of war requires brut strength and sack racing is more endurance based. This variation is important and once again allows different members of your team to shine at different times throughout the team building event.

Bubble Soccer –  One of the latest team building crazes is to play bubble soccer which essentially combines soccer with dodgem cars. The only difference being that the participants are inside a large inflatable soccer ball which causes them to bounce off the other contestants.

Some other great ideas which are less traditional include;

Massage and manicures – Once the physical side of the day is over, why not reward your team with a relaxing massage or manicure. Having therapists onsite and ready to pamper your guests is a great way to transition the occasion from play to relaxation.

Tarot Card Readings – By having a tarot card reader on hand, your team can get some insight into their future. This activity always proves to get the group chatting in a more connected fashion. People love sharing their experience with the other group members and the readings really promote a social aspect to the occasion where people get to know each other better.

The final thing to consider is what food to serve your guests at the conclusion of the activity. By now your guests will have worked up an appetite that will require some consideration. BBQ menus are always a hit with Sydney-siders, especially throughout spring and summer.

Pop Up Picnic can take care of all the details for your upcoming team building day. Our event planners can put together an occasion that is both relaxed yet engaging and one that will allow every team member to excel at something. Our planners can come up with concept that reflects the style of day you would like to have and also the budget requirements of your business.

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