A Sydney Garden Party

Went to a garden party to reminisce with my old friends,
A chance to share old memories and play our songs again

Ricky Nelson, ‘Garden Party’


Welcome, merrymakers! If you have been dreaming of balmy evenings, summery afternoons and barbecue feasts then you have come to the right place. Pop Up Picnics just adores a garden party and Sydney is the perfect setting for the occasion.

Let us help you plan your event! We have just the right garden party menu, decorations and activities to make it an extra-special afternoon or evening.


Garden parties can be casual or refined occasions.

perfect for gatherings such as:

  • birthday parties
  • graduation parties
  • reunions
  • engagement parties
  • anniversary celebrations
  • baby showers
  • wedding showers or kitchen teas
  • Weddings
  • House warmings
  • or any excuse to celebrate warm weather and the great outdoors!


Catering and Food
at a Garden Party

 posh picnic flat lay

Make life breezy for yourself. We know you want to enjoy the company of your guests and delight in good food, fine weather and fun conversation. That’s why hiring Pop Up Picnic as your Sydney caterer will allow you to relax and have a great time. We are experts at putting on a spread fit for Gatsby himself!

From gourmet BBQs to seafood paella buffets, tea party delights and more! We would love to help you keep your guests happily munching on fine, fresh food.

Discover our finger food, grazing and buffet menu options or chat to us about what you would like to serve at your event, and our chefs can work with you to create the perfect menu.


Thirst Quenchers

We offer beverage solutions for your teetotal and drinking guests. From the classic coolers like a blushing pitcher of pink lemonade, to a bubbling bottle of French rosé, we have garden party drink packages that will keep everyone in the sun and happily refreshed.

Our RSA-trained waitstaff can take care of the pours and manage a pop-up bar. Plus, our picnic people can even make suggestions on how to style the drinks area, to match any decor themes you are using to style the garden party.


How To Plan For A Garden Party


Wet Weather Planning

“All in the blue unclouded weather…”

The Lady of Shalott, by Alfred Lord Tennyson


Dining outdoors is always a treat but a clever party planner always has a wet-weather contingency plan up their sleeve. If you are hosting at your home, this might mean coming inside (can the house handle it?) or rigging some shelter in advance. Likewise, if you are planning your event at a park, check for covered spaces like gazebos that could accommodate if the weather turns against you.

Outdoor tarps and the like also provide some respite for revellers from the heat of the Sydney sunshine. Just ask our picnic people if you need help with this, we have all the equipment and skill to assist!


Garden Party Decor and Theming

Adding a theme is like popping a cherry on top of your garden party. It just adds a touch of extra specialness and it can be some simple decor through to a full suite of themed invitation stationery, gift bags and costumes. Here are some tips to get the basics right but do feel free to chat to us any time about how to create the party mood you are dreaming of.

In the case of a daytime event, garlands of greenery or bunting achieve the same festive look. A black and white striped or chevron theme creates a “private cricket club” look that’s a little bit posh.

For an evening soiree, good lighting is essential to set the ambience of your summer garden party. If you are hosting an evening party then you can’t do better than a few strings of fairy lights!

Candles and solar powered lights offer the same effect if power access is an issue at your chosen location. Line your pool or garden path with tea candles or paper lanterns! This provides some after-dark safety and create a visually captivating effect that will add to the party atmosphere.

To create atmospheric Arabian-night vibes in your garden which perfectly suit a warm night, zhuj up your outdoor furniture with cushions and throws! Create cosy nooks by putting down rugs under a tree or by the pool or pond, or in spots you think might suit a quieter conversation.


Get the Garden Party Started

If space permits, games can be the perfect way to get the party started. Bocce / lawn bowls or croquet are simple and fun ice-breakers.

Our Pop Up Picnic team of party professionals would be only too happy to help you plan activities or music. Here are our favourite garden party entertainment ideas that we can help organise, or talk to us about your vision and we can help make it happen.



By adding a simple interactive activity, you can keep young guests entertained. Using a big roll of paper as a table runner on the “kids table” and pails of crayons or markers. This means they can get creative and you have a souvenir of your event!