Staff Picnic

Staff picnics are the perfect setting for work gatherings, taking your staff out of their normal working environment into the great outdoors with fresh air, food, drinks and some fun and entertainment. What a perfect way to create strong morale and team unity then at a staff picnic, with gourmet food,team building games and no doubt a day filled with laughter and stories to share of your staff picnic.

We have picnics covered at Pop Up Picnic and have everything you need to make your staff picnic, a day and a picnic worth remembering. There are 3 key ingredients to a successful staff picnic:

Every staff picnic will have different menu requirements, some will be more suited  to a BBQ style menu and others a cold buffet selection. We have 7 different menus to choose from with 3 cold buffet style menus including a ‘Brunch Picnic’ menu should a morning picnic suit your occasion better.  We have 4 BBQ menus including our ‘Piñata Picnic’ a Mexican themed picnic and a ‘Burgers ‘N’ Beers’ picnic which includes slider style burgers with a 2 hour beers and cider package.

We also have a range of ‘drop off’ only menus should you need your staff picnic delivered to you at a location, perhaps before your group boards a ferry or even just want a picnic delivered to your office!

Activities and entertainment are a great way to get people relaxed and mingling with each other, and a particularly good way to break down any hierarchy within a group. Pop Up Picnics have an Activities and Entertainment menu dedicated to covering all occasions, age groups and atmospheres from everything from HipHop Pony racing, to mini manicures, to origami master classes. There are some great team building activities also that allow you to break your staff into groups and work together in a mini Olympics style event.

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The final key ingredient, picking the right location. Weather you are picking a spot near or far from the office make sure it has good facilities such as toilets and access to public transport and or parking. Other considerations when selecting your grassy knoll are perhaps a great view, flat spaces for games and sufficient shade and shelter from wind. Pop Up Picnics have locations covered with our locations menu. We have done our research and come up with some of the best picnics spots North, South, East and West of the city.

Pop Up Picnics can also arrange transport for your group and just about any other requests from wildlife shows to private picnic yoga classes. So get in touch with one of our picnic planners and create a staff picnic with pop!