Picnic Catering

Relax, enjoy your day and make sure everyone else does too. Pop up Picnic are Sydney’s Picnic Catering professionals – Entertainment, Food We have the lot…

When planning a picnic, the thought of catering for all of the different tastes and dietary requirements can often seem like an exhausting task. Why not get some Picnic planners onboard to help you plan a truly hassle-free and memorable picnic. One where everyone can relax and enjoy their occasion in the great outdoors.

Choose from a classic cold catered picnic or opt for an impressive BBQ style picnic catering package. We have lots to choose from, and the best part is that we do all of the set up, the service and even the pack up. What could be easier than having a picnic catering team look after you and your guests?


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Pop Up Picnic pride themselves on creating Picnic Catering menu’s that support and showcase local produce. Creating seasonal picnic catering menu’s ensure that our customers always have the best possible picnic catering experience.

If you need help choosing a location, then we can even help you with that. If you want to add a touch of entertainment to your occasion then choose from our list of picnic entertainment ideas. Either way you can rest assured that a picnic with the team from Pop Up Picnics will look after more than just your picnic catering requirements. This vibrant team of picnic planners will do all the work while you take all the credit.

If you would like to see the many different picnic catering options on offer from Pop Up Picnics, just head to our Picnic menus page.

Happy Picnicking from The Picnic Catering team at Pop Up Picnic.