Corporate Picnic

Corporate Picnic Planners to the rescue!

If you are responsible for planning yet another interesting corporate occasion, look no further than a Pop Up Picnic. Plan a corporate picnic and experience the many advantages of hosting a picnic in the great outdoors for your team.

A Pop Up Picnic is a brilliant way to get your team out of the office and enjoying some of the beautiful nearby parks and reserves. We have all been to one too many sit down dinners where you are stuck talking to the same 3 or 4 people all afternoon and you leave having not been able to properly mix with all of your team members. One of the most heartening forms of feedback we receive is that all team members from corporations really enjoy the fact that they can talk to a much greater spread of people at our outdoor occasions. There in an instant breakdown of hierarchy and more junior team members feel much more engaged within the team after a corporate picnic in the park.

To help you plan a sensational Corporate Picnic for your upcoming occasion, we have listed some of the key considerations you should make while we plan your occasion together.

Menu – You can opt for either a picnic party style of occasion where all the food will be presented buffet style and your team can help themselves to the tasty picnic food offering. These party style menus include both cold and BBQ offerings with plenty of vegetarian offerings so that everyone is adequately catered for. Alternatively, you can choose to have some of our fantastic picnic hampers on site and ready for collection. They can be packed or pairs or for groups and are a great way of adding another sharing element to the occasion. Many of the corporate picnics that we have planned will partner up team members and they can then sit down and share a meal, a team strengthening activity in many ways. Our picnic hampers come packed with delicious food, cutlery, plates, tumblers, picnic rugs, water and event sparkling wine if you desire.

Entertainment – A big part of every outdoor occasion that we organise is the entertainment or activity based offerings. You can choose from the more involved mini olympics competitions which will bring out the competitive edge in some people. Or if you are looking to reward your team, then perhaps some massage and manicures are in order, we have therapists who make sure everyone is relaxed and feeling social with their pampering services. A favourite at many corporate picnics in Sydney would have to be the giant games. These include giant connect four and giant jenga, the team strategists will love these larger than life activities.

Location – there are so many beautiful locations in the heart of the city which allow for easy access and minimal travel on the day of your occasion. If you would like some advice about what locations might suits your occasion best, please let our picnic planning team help.

When planning your next corporate day out of the office, let us help you plan an all inclusive, interactive day in the great outdoors, your team will be rewarded and the best part is that we will do all of the planning and, setup and cleanup. All you have to do is enjoy yourself.