Corporate Family Days

Planning a corporate family day? 

If you are planning a day in the great outdoors for your team members and their families, then a Pop Up Picnic is the perfect way to create a memorable event. There are some important considerations to make sure that this special occasion is a success.

With the ever increasing importance of providing a greater level of work life balance and to help develop stronger relationships with employees, a large number of employers are now holding family fun days as part of their annual events calendars. It’s a great way to get your team out of the office and to build a sense of community within the workplace. Family members can connect with colleagues and children can also benefit from the quality time spent with their families and other colleagues children.


Sydney boasts a number of brilliant venues to host your corporate family day, each of which has its own requirements and associated fee structures. It’s important to pick a central location, some of the most popular locations would include;

Centennial Parklands
Royal Botanic Gardens
Sydney Olympic Park

There are plenty of other parks and reserves outside the above list which would also be a great spot to host your occasion depending on location preferences.


Once the perfect location has been chosen, the menu is the next most important aspect of the day. Make sure that there are food which cater to the needs of different dietary requirements, people of different ages and ethnic backgrounds. The most popular corporate family day menus are either a traditional BBQ style menu or a range of picnic hampers designed to be shared by pairs. Individual picnic hampers are also added t0 cater for children and individual attendees.


In addition to a great picnic location and beautiful food, having some entertainment available is the key to a memorable corporate occasion. The classic activities made available for these corporate events are Jumping Castles, Gelato Carts, Giant Games, face painting and a range of team games like tug of war. These activities not only entertain the children who are attending but also form a focal point for the adults to engage with the other families around.

In the lead up to your corporate family day it’s important to communicate the date of the occasion a number of times in the weeks leading up. Some guests don’t confirm their attendance until a few days beforehand due to busy family schedules. If the occasion is front of mind then often additional team members will attend the family fun day as a last minute confirmation.

Some organisations like to add a keepsake to the occasion and gift items such as branded picnic rugs or cooler bags as a great way for team members to have something to remember the occasion by. Having a professional photographer or videographer onsite will create lasting memories and a great way to share the occasion with team members after the family fun day.

Many companies are also planning their corporate family days with a sustainability focus to them. By choosing sustainable packaging for all food and drink items, this sends a very important message to the attendees.