Corporate Activities

Looking for more interesting Corporate Activities?

When planning a corporate activities day you can’t go past a picnic in the great outdoors! A day out of the office that is to include corporate activities of some sort, is the perfect fit for a picnic that includes fine food, cheerful games and the perfect outdoor backdrop. Picnics are prefect activity for such a corporate occasion, providing a relaxed atmosphere for team members to mix and mingle and a subconscious breakdown of office hierarchy and politics. We have often heard from out clients that one of the best things about their Pop Up Picnic was the fact that everyone was able to speak to more than just a handful of people, the team was truly engaging with each other in ways they hadn’t before.

For corporations looking to combine some light hearted activity with some more competitive based sports, let Pop up Picnic hold a series of activities which will keep everyone entertained.

Old favourites include Croquet and Boules which are perfect for the more mature team members or those who don’t like to get too physical.

Tug of war and sack racing will prove popular with those who like a challenge and are keen to prove their physical prowess

Our Pony Hop bouncing horses will provide both a physical challenge and also a very comical addition to the activity schedule at your team picnic.

And our giant games of oversized connect four and giant Jenga will keep the strategists amongst the group engaged throughout the afternoon.

These are just some of the ideas that appeal to corporate activity day planners as they try to combine a selection of activity based games to cater for the diverse interests of a work place. And all in all they are a whole bunch of fun too!

Once everyone has attempted to shine at their chosen activity, gather the group to enjoy a picnic feast, either cooked up on our BBQ or packaged freshly into hampers for two. Our picnic hampers are another great way of offering a shared lunch option that encourages the team to join together and share food with others in the team, something that doesn’t regularly take place in many corporations.

To make your planning a little easier feel free to consult us on some of the most ideal picnic spots around for these sorts of activities. Picnics are a brilliant way of brining your team together in the great outdoors for some physical activity and fantastic food. Let the team at Pop Up Picnic plan your next corporate activities day, and you’ll be sure to take all the credit.