Throw a Birthday Picnic

A Birthday Picnic is best planned by a professional picnicker!

Hello there birthday party researchers, if you are thinking of throwing an outdoor occasion with a difference then you’ve come to the right place. Birthdays are best celebrated surrounded with friends and family where everyone can mix in a relaxed and comfortable setting. What better way to celebrate than by throwing a birthday picnic to mark this years plus one year?

Here you will find some things worth considering as you set out to plan a get together with a difference.

The perfect birthday picnic should be set in the great outdoors in a secluded or semi-private area. There are plenty of prized picnic spots on offer throughout most Australian cities and if you can combine a water view, plenty of shade and make sure there are nearby facilities on offer, then you really can’t go wrong. Be aware that many council parks and gardens can be booked for private groups occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries. Check with your local council for their specific policy on picnic parties. If you would like some assistance, one of our picnic people will be able to assist you with sourcing a unique picnic spot for your birthday celebration.

Make sure that you have plenty of picnic style food at the ready and be a little creative with the presentation. At one of the picnics we recently helped plan, we had drink stations set up from wheelbarrows. They were the perfect ice bins for large amounts of drinks, and best of all they could be moved around the picnic spot to help cater for different groups. The team at Pop up picnic can help you plan a menu with a difference that plays on either a traditional or more innovative picnic theme.

Stuck thinking of a unique birthday present idea, Pop Up Picnic have personalised gift cards for our picnic hampers for two that make for a great present. If you where after the element of surprise we can deliver these hampers wright to the recipients desk with a personalised message just from you.


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Finally, plan some outdoor entertainment for you birthday celebration with some traditional picnic style games or activities. Things like croquet or boules will set a great atmosphere as your guests start to get competitive throughout the afternoon. If you really want to breakdown the social barriers, then perhaps throw in some outdoor twister or even an adult jumping castle. If you would like more entertainment ideas for you upcoming celebration, visit our entertainment page and take a look at the many picnic party entertainment ideas that will be perfect for your next birthday party (picnic style).